James Dawe illustrates for London Fashion week 2015

Tue 24 Feb 2015

James Dawe  works his magic for the London Fashion Week show at Somerset house and The Vinyl Factory.



James was asked to create a series of four 10-15 second animated films using a selection of the IFS (International Fashion Showcase) designers imagery. 
These Showcases were spread across 4 continents, Africa, Americas, Asia & Europe, with a wide variety of designers from each, and shown at two of London Fashion Week AW15 venues, Somerset House and the Vinyl Factory. The result was a series of films that are playful and make use of the textures, patterns, forms and colours through photomontage and collage.


James stands out as an illustrator for his work with photo-collages and digital manipulation, in which distorted portraits are a recurring theme. His work is ever unexpected, often abstract and also dramatic. James caught keen eyes for his work on a series of alternate covers for Bloomberg Business week. Some of his other clients include Red Bull, Warp Records, GQ Style, Sky Sports and Network Rail. James graduated from Brighton University in 2006 and has been working as a freelance illustrator in London ever since.


Asia garments:


Europe garments:





Africa garments:


America garments: