jelly Animation at A.P.A Show 2013

Fri 06 Sep 2013

Yesterday evening, the British advertising industry converged on One Marylebone, once a 19th-Century church, for a very different sort of worship. The people of Ad-Land were out in force to celebrate the good work they all do (and to neck a few cocktails along the way too). For a solid hour hundreds of them sat down to witness the unveiling of the 2013 APA Collection – a showcase of the most inspiring work created by the UK’s production companies and agencies in the past year. Dan Mallers tells us his version of events…

“What happens when you intentionally stick a thousand of the good, the bad and the – well quite honestly, stunning of the advertising world? I’d love to tell you but the free champagne is still bubbling about my somewhat blurry eyes. The A-P-A held its annual showcase at the fancy surroundings of Number One Marylebone Road last night, sushi, lobster rolls... lamb koftas on a stick – lots of lamb koftas on a stick. It was another successful event for all the hours put in by Producers, Project Managers, Editors and Directors… who have I left out? Me.

As ever, we are always grateful for the effort, time – and we are aware, *Sean Singleton* - that it takes a lot of time to organise such a showcase - so we look forward to the next one.”