Jelly attend CreativeSocial: #MINIAUSTIN

Thu 10 Apr 2014

Jelly headed to Creative Social presents #MINIAUSTIN on Tuesday Evening. Bringing coded tales, marketing buzzwords and tech crunching insights back to London from SouthBYSouthWest for all who either did not manage to smuggle a ticket into their suitcase and make the trip to Texas as well as for those who did, but are still de-coding after a whirl-wind information overload. Speaking of information, we have learnt that it’s the 'new' currency, knowledge is power and governments across the globe want to reclaim it. We enjoyed listening to Tim Noakes, Editor in Chief at Dazed talk about the shift of green-envy that's taking place in the content publishing world, whereby digital publishers are now launching print titles to bolster their online offering. Print has once again become a valuable, cherished and collectable medium... Yet existing print publishers are taking progressive steps towards becoming digital-first content publishers.

So, what else went down at #MiniAustin? We learnt that what was once the ‘internet of things’ is no longer in fact ‘a thing’, it just ‘is’ and we've been told to get ready for lots of robotic briefs. Robots are set to be the next #big thing' to invade your TVs, TABLETs and MOBILE screens… Space was so last year. 'Immersive design' is what matters to inventors now. We’ve created the tech but now we are re-focusing on how it can become useful to human beings, how it can blend in with other tech to become something that we, the human race, adopt and consume with our hearts as well as our heads. #Inspiring as always. We ♡ CreativeSocials.