jelly celebrates the re-opening of Regent Street Cinema

Thu 11 Jun 2015

The University of Westminster has re-opened its historic Regent Street Cinema to the public after 35 years. To celebrate, jelly’s Kitchen and Matt Johnstone have collaborated to create a short animation, championing the “Birthplace of British Cinema.”

The Regent Street Cinema, which saw the first-ever performance of moving images in 1896, has undergone a three-year renovation after being used as a student lecture hall for 35 years.

Jelly’s Kitchen and Matt Johnstone worked together with Outside Studios to tell the story of how the cinema paved the way for a century of cinematographic innovation. The animated short takes you on a historical journey, beginning in 1848 when the cinema was first built, right through the 1900s, and to the present day.


Creative Agency: Outside Studios

Production Company: jelly London

Illustrator: Matt Johnstone

Animators: jelly Kitchen

Sound: Brendan Crehan