jelly: kings of cross content

Thu 25 Sep 2014

Everybody in marketing and advertising agrees that 2014 is the year that content became king. At jelly London, we’re taking things a step further: content has to be amazing and innovative, but it truly reigns when it can quickly be made to suit any channel in the media landscape.

Often we’ll complete an illustration project with one of the freelancers we represent and subsequently have the work animated by our in-house animation team The Kitchen. Steve Scott’s work for the Post Office which he created for a hugely successful social media campaign is an excellent example. The Kitchen’s GIFs just gave the campaign that extra little kick that made a lasting impression.

Voice, an empowering tale created by Joe Waldron and animated by jelly Kitchen for Vimeo and Charles Schwab is another example of our versatile creative cross content capabilities. Joe created the narrative and all the storyboards – an exceptional skill for any illustrator – and worked with The Kitchen to tell the tale in motion.



The value of cross content production is also why we work with animation directors who are also excellent illustrators like Blackmeal, Job Joris and Marieke and Plenty. Almost every still from their motion work is a stand-alone illustration that can be used for digital as well as printed media.

We’re increasingly enjoying bringing together our artists in creating cross content that is adaptable and shareable wherever a brand wants its audience to interact with it. The extraordinary versatility in skill of our all the jelly London talent enables us to be more innovative and to come up with creative solutions for creative challenges quickly.