jelly Kitchen give Jurassic World a 2D makeover

Tue 25 Aug 2015

After Jurassic World smashed box office records in its first weekend back in June, jelly Futures artist, Joe Waldron, surprised us all with a super speedy illustration featuring Chris Pratt and his raptors. Our in-house animation team, jelly Kitchen, liked it so much they decided to add their magic touch and animate it. The result was EPIC.

We spoke to Myles Low from jelly Kitchen about creating the popular animation:

 “Well first off, Jurassic World was amazing. I remember seeing Jurassic Park as a young boy, and I loved how the new film tied in with the originals. When we saw Joe’s illustration, we jumped at the chance to animate it. We used Adobe’s After Effects, where we broke his work down into Comps and Layers, which were then animated using the Puppet Tool. Sound was then added using Logic Pro. Overall, it took 2 days to complete, in and around other work we had on."

Behind the scenes...