Jelly London create charming new video for Avicii

Fri 22 May 2015

Jelly London and At Night Studio have joined forces with the incredible Blackmeal to create Avicii’s heart-warming new video, Waiting for Love.

jelly, were approached by At Night Studio to turn the emotional tale of a boy and his beloved dog into a heart-warming, animated video for the two-time Grammy-nominated artist, Avicii.

Blackmeal, who are represented by jelly, were immediately brought in to take on the challenge of bringing the speedy brief and touching storyline to life, in the space of just ten days.

Fuelled solely by Green Tea, Blackmeal worked together against the tight deadline to produce a spectacular 3 minute 48 second video clip, which beautifully complements Avicii’s catchy new track.

Through a mix of traditional animation techniques and motion design, Blackmeal’s impressive animation team were able to create gorgeous scenes and transitions to accompany the stunning illustrative style of Guillame Singelin.

The piece, which was directed and edited by Blackmeal’s CEO Matthieu Colombel, and produced by Andrea Rania, takes the viewer on a beautiful, animated journey following the life of a boy and his beloved puppy. The tale is both heart-warming, and heart-breaking, as the inseparable pair are divided by war and chaos, and later reunited through love and determination.


Jesper Eriksson from At Night Studio praised Blackmeal and jelly for going “above and beyond the call of duty in a battle against the deadline.” He said, “I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated people who put so much love and passion into their work, and I think that is what shines through in the piece.” 

“Together I believe we’ve been able to create a little piece of art for the world to enjoy.”

Waiting for Love has reached over 12 million hits on YouTube. Watch here.



Production Company: jelly London

Agency: At Night Studio 

Directed by: BLACKMEAL

Edited by: Matthieu Colombel

Motion Director: Matthieu Colombel

Animation Producer: Andrea Rania

Animation Team: Janos Szabo, Alexander Geifman and Mélanie Gohin

Illustrator & Designer: Guillame Singelin

VFX by Paulin Girard