Joe Waldron's Limited Edition prints for Fireflies West

Fri 30 Oct 2015

The Fireflies Tour (the ride our founder Chris Page takes part in every year) has a US equivalent, Fireflies West. This is a charity ride that rides annually down the West Coast of the US from San Fransisco to LA. 

Every year some UK riders are fortunate enough to get places on this ride and do their best to raise money for The City Of Hope Hospital in California. This year, two UK riders, Phil Tidy and Alicia Bamford got on the ride and asked if jelly could help them to raise funds. Coincidentally, one of our artists Joe Waldron has very close affinity with cycling and has offered to help out the Fireflies in the past, so we hooked him up with Phil and Alicia.

Joe designed and signed some limited edition posters for them to sell. The posters are available for a donation of £65 in cheque or cash or $100 donate via Alicia's City of Hope fundraising page here.

Please give generously. Thank you.