Made by Alison Carmichael

Mon 07 Nov 2011

Infamous hand lettering artist, Alison Carmichael, is opening her very own shop! About time we say.... Made by Alison Carmichael After spending the past 15 years producing beautiful hand lettering for advertising campaigns, which of course she still loves to do, Alison has decided that it is about time she start producing some lovely lettering for people to have in their home! "I am designing a range of products, all with hand lettering as the theme," explains Alison, "everything will be produced in small batches using beautiful craft techniques like letterpress and screen printing." We've been told she has collaborated with Generation Press (the designers' printer of choice!) so the quality is going to be tip top. "It's a lovely way for me to be experimental; to remember why I got into hand lettering in the first place and to get back into good old craft!" So, what can you expect from Alison's new store? "I am starting with just two products, both paper based...." and that's as much as she will tell us, it's all a BIG SECRET!! Visit her website and register your interest!