​Mael François’ Stunning Christmas Spot for Viktor & Rolf

Wed 16 Dec 2015

Mael Francois has collaborated with Mazarine Digital (Paris) to create this stunning animated spot for Viktor & Rolf’s Christmas campaign.

The sparkling 40 second ad was launched online and in-store to promote the brand’s star product, the iconic “Flowerbomb” perfume. The aim was to showcase and enrich Viktor & Rolf’s codes and values, while transforming reality into an enchanted dream.

We spoke to Mael, renowned for his work with Pixar, about working on the luxury spot:

Talk us through the process.MF> After receiving the brief and meeting the creatives at Mazarine, I worked directly on a coloured storyboard as I thought that lighting and colours would be just as relevant as cameras to bring this film to life. It was also important for the client as the film was supposed to be released alongside a new print campaign, so we had to be faithful to the print elements and colours.

Later, during animation and CG, we did a lot of back and forth with the agency to get the product and packaging elements right.

What did you enjoy about working on this project?MF> I’ve not had a lot of opportunities to work with snow in CG before so that was a lot of fun.

Did you come across any problems?MF> Well, snow was also a pain to work with! But I think we finally nailed the look and lighting for it.

What was it like working with the client?MF> Everything was very frank and honest at every step. It was a great experience and I have worked several times with them since!

Anything else you can tell us?MF> It was very fun to work on a Christmas commercial in June!

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