Matt Johnstone responds live to FA Cup Final

Wed 25 May 2016

With so many live sporting events coming up this summer, we're really excited for our artists to get involved in more & more real-time, responsive content. Whether it be for social media, or live on-site, our artists have been working on their speed and agility to respond to content quickly and accurately, and have been limbering up ready for a scorching summer of events.

Football fanatic and Jelly illustrator Matt Johnstone recently took to his iPad during the FA Cup Final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United to draw live coverage of the game.

Using pre-drawn imagery as a base, Matt was able to add key live moments into his sketches, as and when they happened. He then uploaded them straight from his iPad to Instagram within minutes of each moment.

He documented important events like Smalling's yellow card... (x2!)

And even added a little humour to the match...

Once the game was over, and the Champions announced, he revealed that each of his individual posts made up a much larger picture...

Matt also live illustrated during a Burnley vs. Arsenal match last year, which you can see here.

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