Mother’s Day Illustration for Time Out

Wed 26 Mar 2014

Hannah Warren has created this editorial illustration for TimeOut Magazine’s feature on Mother’s Day Activity. We asked her a couple of questions about the commission…

Hannah this is a lovely illustration for an important date in the calendar. So what was your brief? “My brief was to capture the character of five different types of mum to accompany a feature on ‘Mother’s Day’. The five types I was going for were #1Fussy, #2Frugal, #3Active, #4Knackered and #5Grateful…”

Which tools and techniques did you use to create this illustration? “Well, I thought of real mums I know (including my own) and sketched out immediate ideas that would demonstrate their personalities. I find basing characters on real people helps me define a character style a lot. Later I hand drew the lettering and worked the images up digitally in Photoshop drawing free hand with my drawing tablet. I chose bright spring colours as it's finally that time of year!”

What do you love about Time Out Magazine? “My favourite thing about Time Out Magazine is the ‘Theatre and the Arts’ section. It encourages me to explore this beautiful city and all that it has to offer – And usually for FREE which is a massive bonus!” 

And what do you normally do with your mum on Mother’s day? “So, my sisters and I usually take the train home and we cook something yummy - actually, one of my sisters does the cooking and I bring the wine!”