Mr Ed Catmull: Book At Breakfast

Thu 24 Apr 2014

Charlie and Chris were lucky enough to attend the inaugural 'Book At Breakfast' event at Shoreditch House yesterday morning. The talk was by the President of Pixar and Disney pictures Mr Ed Catmull, who is in the UK to promote his new book: Creativity, Inc. subtitled ‘Overcoming The Unseen Forces That Stand In The Way Of True Inspiration’. 

Ed is, of course, the man most responsible for the way that we see modern animated pictures and his vision has driven every major CGI movie of the last 15 years. As true animation geeks, Ed’s pearls of wisdom were received with awe by the two of us and his advice about the convictions of faith needed to run a successful creative business was amazing to hear. Truly inspirational – especially his determination to create a sustainable culture within Pixar and his insight into using dynamic teams to make creativity work better.