Mr. Kaplin joins the resistance against Wasteland

Mon 07 Aug 2017

Jelly London and Mr. Kaplin worked with M&C Saatchi and M&C Saatchi PR on their campaign for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) aimed at tackling the threat single-use plastics pose to our oceans.

The intention behind the campaign is to motivate people to “Join the Resistance” against Wasteland - the name they have given to the growing mass of marine plastic that can be found in the Pacific. At the centre of the fully integrated campaign is a powerful film, voiced by BAFTA winning actress Imelda Staunton, which combines found footage with CGI to deliver a hard-hitting message.

Animation studio Mr. Kaplin, represented by Jelly London, were tasked with creating the CGI sequences for the film, which will also be used as the basis of the accompanying poster campaign. We spoke to Lucy from Mr. Kaplin to highlight the process behind their involvement in the campaign:

“We wanted to ensure that the shots we created drew the viewer's attention without undermining the reality of the problem being discussed. We looked at ways we could use real materials as much as possible rather than creating everything in CG. For example, the gas mask shot was created from bits of plastic we collected and assembled into the formation we needed. The fact that we were able to collect more plastics than we needed in an hour, within steps from our studio, perhaps underlines the problem we are facing!”

“The nuclear explosion is a stop-frame animation made using plastic carrier bags. We projected footage of a real explosion to use as a guide to match the movement of the cloud as much as possible.”

“The submarine shot was definitely the most challenging! However, it was an opportunity to collaborate a real flow artist based in Germany called Mario Hill who we had been talking to for some time. The wave simulations he was able to create were really incredible and really helped bring the shot to life.”

“We really enjoyed finding creative, DIY approaches and working closely and collaboratively with the editor and agency to bring the film together. It has also definitely made us all pay more attention to the plastics we use, so fingers crossed we won’t be the only ones.”

The campaign is being launched with supporting research which reveals that, on average, we each produce 23kg of single-use plastic rubbish every year.

Those joining the resistance can sign up at and receive a toolkit that can help them create their own plastic free coastlines and resist throw away plastic items in everyday life.