Own Your Tomorrow

Mon 16 Jun 2014

#OwnYourTomorrow Vimeo and Charles Schwab asked jelly Kitchen to produce an animated short to be part of a series of films about positive change. Charles Schwab believe that, when done right, investing liberates people to create their own destiny. And the first step in that liberation is often deciding to make a change.

So with this in mind, Schwab set the theme of Why I left… And put out the hashtag #OwnYourTomorrow for creatives to create and share their own story. Jelly Kitchen and illustrator Joe Waldron concepted and decided upon a story about a boy who struggles to find his voice in the world. His determination for change leads him on an exploratory journey across the globe to regain his courage, find his voice and ultimately to overcome his greatest fear.

The animation and direction for this animated short was by jelly Kitchen and the striking hand-drawn and digitally painted scenes and character illustrations were created by Futures illustrator, Joe Waldron.

How was it made? Jelly Kitchen used the illustrated stills from Joe Waldron to create an animatic in After Effects initially to explore the story and develop a style for how each element within the composition would move. A 3D was then made in Cinema 4D using Joe’s central protagonist, the little boy, Gilbert. All the scenes and characters were later composited together in After Effects. The speech bubbles were created and added to the render in Flash.

The jelly Kitchen team and jelly producers then went into a sound recording studio to record the sound effects. Our CD made many of them! We picked two separate tracks for each half of the animation, the first being more sombre to accompany Gilbert’s solitude and the second more upbeat and motivational to celebrate his personal accomplishment and victory.

The videos have been released on Charles Schwab’s Vimeo channel this week and are going down a treat. We always love when a brand has the courage to experiment with their communications and try something different. So go ahead, what are you waiting for? #OwnYourTomorrow...