Fri 03 Feb 2012

Something a bit lovely for your Friday... Jelly lettering artist, Matt Lyon has created all letters of the alphabet. Alphabet by Matt Lyon His design have been turned into vinyl stickers by Wheatpaste Art Collective, so now you can put his amazing art on your wall! Here's some details: For serious pattern lovers only! This vibrant font is heavy on the razzle, comes through with the dazzle, and finishes nicely with a dash of zazzle. Classic letters measure approximately 17" -17.5" high and Epic letters measure approximately 27" high. Widths vary by letter. Shout it out on your walls- your name, your mantra, your bestie’s name - you choose! Our fresh street- inspired fonts are the way to slap your message on the wall. We invite you to tag away without worrying about losing your security deposit from wall damage, tape or tacks. Yep, WP Tag Your Wall texts are self-adhesive wall decals printed with the same clarity and vibrant color as our stretched canvas wall art. When your Tag arrives at your front door, you’ll have a completely personalized product - whether it’s for your bedroom, sorority house, or bachelor pad - that makes for a hot topic of conversation. Visit to buy!