Persistent Peril's latest playful short for WTM

Tue 17 Mar 2015

We spoke to the awesome Sam, Garth and Ginny at Persistent Peril, to find out how they created their vibrant new short for World Travel Market.


“We created this snappy 80 second film to introduce the World Travel Market in London to first time potential exhibitors.”


“We were working with a fantastic script from Traviseo’s, Greg Brand, who we collaborated with closely on ideas for the boards. The film had a fast turn around and was created in two weeks, so this close working relationship was great.”


“WTM’s branding uses strong colours and a flat visual style, which allowed for some fun animation. We used a mixture of simple character animation and bold motion graphics. Great audio design from Brighton’s Mikat brought everything together.”

Check out more of Persistent Peril's playful work here and follow them on Twitter for updates.