Phillip Schofield & The Kitchen give charity Diabetes UK a refresh.

Mon 16 Apr 2018

The Kitchen recently collaborated with Diabetes UK, to help refresh their flagship informative video 'What is Diabetes'. 

Diabetes is the fastest growing health crisis of our time, affecting more people than any other serious health condition in the UK; more than dementia and cancer combined. Despite this, there is currently no known cure for any type of diabetes.

The purpose of the project was simply to explain diabetes to a mixture of people who are new to the condition or without much understanding of it, or with language barriers. The video had to offer a simple, straightforward explanation of what diabetes is and reflect the refreshed brand and tone of voice of Diabetes UK. As a result the script and animation were tailored accordingly. As much as the video had to be engaging and on-brand, if the information wasn't just right then there would have been no point in making the video at all. 

The charity needed to be seen as a trusted and reliable place for people to access expert support and information. Therefore the video needed to talk about diabetes in a clear and consistent way, and the chosen creative concept needed to reflect this. 

The Kitchen worked with the charity to develop a script and storyboard ahead of the production of visuals. The original video was split into three separate videos, no longer than two minutes each, featuring Diabetes UK's friendly bunch of characters that have become synonymous with their charity.

National treasure Phillip Schofield, who has a very personal relationship with diabetes as his mum and brother both live with the condition, let his voice to the videos.

The whole process took six months with an end product of three clear, short, engaging new videos to help people understand what diabetes is. The content has been used across the charity's digital channels. Check them out here.