Plenty: Andata e Ritorno

Thu 10 May 2012

Our new additions to the jelly collective, Plenty produced this fantastic TV commercial for National Geographic Adventure!

Fox broadcasting needed a rebrand for their travel and ecotourism channel, National Geographic Adventure. Travellers had changed; they had become more advanced, more informed, more curious, more techie and the channel needed to change with them!

Plenty knew a stop motion technique would be the perfect way to make the channel more tangible. Travellers want to be able to be part of a new culture, to be involved and not just be observer; the rebrand needed to revive the traveller experience, full of adrenaline and enjoyment. With stop-motion, Plenty had all the elements with them in the studio, helping them to experience the feeling first-hand and effectively share it with the viewers.

Andata e Ritorno

Pre-production was extremely important for this project. No only because Plenty needed to decide along with the client which elements represented each traveller, but also because of the stop motion technique. Unlike their usual 3D projects, every little change required a re-shoot of the piece.