Plenty Craft an Eco-Friendly Paper Animation for Volkswagen

Thu 23 Jan 2014

Plenty have worked with DDB Mexico and The Maestros on the latest South American Volkswagen above the line campaign. They created 5 TV spots under the campaign theme: "Think Blue". Using only a cool and minimal colour palette, Plenty have crafted elegant films which celebrate the environmentally-friendly as well as the design of the new range of Volkswagen models which were created in CGI.

In keeping with VW's brand aspirations of technological innovation, Plenty brought the city-scape to life creating a delicate environment made from paper. The VW models pass gracefully through the scenes, interacting with various paper-made characters along the way.

One of the reasons why the client selected paper as the focus material of the films was to symbolise the importance of re-cycling as a process and Plenty are hugely proud to be part of such a good-for-the-globe campaign for Volkswagen .

The live-action intro sequence was provided by DDB Mexico and The Maestros. The Beach Boys cover track was recorded by Kayla Williams. Plenty worked with a range of software to develop this paper-craft style including Modo, Maya, 3D Max, Arnold and Nuke.