Plenty play with claymation techniques for TV Channel NICK

Tue 16 Apr 2013

Jelly London’s design and motion direction studio, Plenty, were given an open brief by TV Channel Nick to develop ideas and create a series of creative and playful idents.

With the beautiful scripts and animatics provided, Plenty started artworking their concept of some characters wrestling. First they designed the characters in good old fashioned pencil, carefully crafting each individual frame in traditional cell animation and once they had defined the movements, transitions and timings they took each frame and transformed it to 3D to simulate a clay animation.

This was not the first time that Plenty have received a commission from the TV Channel, they collaborated with FunJob on sister channel, Nick Jr on a pitch to develop the new channel image. Unfortunately they did not win the project but Nick did love their work, which is why they chose to collaborate on this exciting new ident project.

Plenty said that working with Nick was a lovely experience. They gave them a lot of freedom and flexibility to produce the effect of claymation characters using 3D techniques. We particularly love their dancing panda and the vibrant on-brand orange colours are enough to get any viewer animated!