Plenty Sonos Your Home with bouquets and polka dots

Thu 20 Nov 2014


Plenty worked with creative agency 72andSunny and 1stAveMachine to create two spectacular SONOS ads that visualise music like never before.

Based in Buenos Aires, Plenty have worked with some of the best and biggest brands in the world including, MTV, Nike and now Sonos. A California company producing wireless speakers and audio components for a global market.

To promote Sonos’s wireless HiFi range the campaign titled “Sonos Your Home”, is all about the power of music transforming your environment, be it your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

In a series of 15 and 30 second videos, Plenty radically transforms two living spaces, each to its own driving soundtrack. One room bursts with beautiful bouquets of flowers and organic colourful forms, while in Pop Art, each kitchen surface is overtaken by black paint splatters, and playful animated characters that react to electro pop played from the Sonos HiFi. 

Surprisingly although the Claymation has a handmade plasticine aesthetic, Plenty actually used a combination of real location footage and CG animation techniques. Working frame by frame in stop motion to achieve the magical scenes above. Pretty impressive.

For the Pop Art scenes, Plenty again used real location footage and 3D animation, seamlessly  blending the two techniques. They then carefully added reflections and shadows, to create a truly believable, energetic and lively scene, which remains in a constant state of change.

Brought to life by Plenty’s animation talents, eye for colour and playful imaginations, the Sonos living spaces have truly been transformed...

Character & animation by Plenty

Directed by 1st Avenue Machine



Here's a little sneaky look behind the scenes at Plenty...