Plenty’s playful spots for Oreo & Fanta

Thu 22 Oct 2015

2015 has well and truly been Plenty’s year. Whilst losing themselves down the rabbit hole of their highly anticipated new Good Books film We Need To Talk About Alice, the award winning studio have also been busy producing spots for Fanta & Oreo’s latest advertising campaigns.

Well-known for their top-notch animation, Plenty have begun expanding their repertoire and taking on more and more live-action and stop-motion projects. When Doda Vänster and Oreo invited them to produce a spot for their new Twitter campaign #JugáconOreo (#PlayWithOreo) they decided to combine the two styles and had a ton of fun! You can go behind the scenes here.

Jugá con Oreo from Plenty on Vimeo.


Plenty also produced these juicy 2D animated end tags for Fanta’s latest worldwide ads. Traditional animation was the best option for Plenty to represent Fanta's young and fun spirit. Each character creates a different Fanta swirl that reflects their personalities and ends in the image of the product. They’ve shared a few snapshots of the process with us below.

Fanta Endtag from Plenty on Vimeo.

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