Presenting *The Kitchen*

Thu 06 Feb 2014

Jelly's dynamic place for illustration, where creative collaborations happen. The Kitchen is a space where diverse styles and techniques are blended to craft high-quality creative visual solutions. The beauty of the Kitchen is that jelly can hand-pick a bespoke team of specialists to realise your project and work with you to take it to the next level. Working with our in-house talent, the kitchen now bridges the gap between design and illustration, 2d and 3d, stop frame, character development and mixed media. Based on our ethos of collaboration we can either deliver an entire idea or take on specific parts of your project depending on your needs. We look forward to the next step and would like to thank Sawdust for our logo. 

K - Kitchen Launch I - Kitchen Launch T - Kitchen Launch C - Kitchen Launch H - Kitchen Launch E - Kitchen Launch N - Kitchen Launch