Purely digital: Paul Imrie illustrates for series of e-books

Mon 01 Dec 2014

jelly's illustrator Paul Imrie created a series of illustrations for a collection of crime/thriller books, that will be released soon as e-books.

The Darkening Sky and The Fire of Love are the first two books in a new crime series by author Hugh Greene and illustrated by Paul Imrie. The books are set in Cheshire and feature a crime fighting duo -  Dr Power and Superintendent Lynch.

The Fire of Love is a tense psychological thriller, which begins when Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Carl Power is asked to write a court report on an arsonist who is accused of the murder of a Government Minister. Power believes she is innocent and so begins a fight, with the help of Superintendent Lynch, to stop her from being found guilty and to find the real killer.

In The Darkening Sky, Dr Power, a Consultant Psychiatrist, is recruited by Superintendent Lynch to help him solve a murder in leafy Alderley Edge. Lynch and Power are then caught up in a desperate race against time to prevent a series of similar murders.

Online independant reviews said,

“Loved the illustrations - really brought Dr Power to life and the Cheshire setting.” Julie Brown

The illustrations "were brilliantly drawn and brought the characters to life.” Jeanette Styles