Real Men Play with Tanks

Wed 09 Jan 2013

Creative agency Above and Beyond have commissioned electric illustrator David Buisan to create a rough and tough artwork for the launch of WORLD OF TANKS; a team based global online tank battling game. This game is for real men. Not the light hearted! Nic Ost and David Billing of Above and Beyond, wanted the advert to feel macho and exhilarating, to emphasize the nostalgia of British grit and celebrate pure British Steel. We were very proud to see a fair few 48 sheet adverts in the London underground.  

In terms of the actual game - and for those few of you who may have never driven a tank before - the physics engine does an excellent job of conveying an actual sense of bulk and mass; in other words, a fence or a tree may as well be a crushed flower or a feather, as for parked cars, well, they get crumpled up like brown paper bags. So for those of you online gamers, get involved!