Rennie T-Shirt Commercial

Mon 09 May 2011

This simple and charming spot showcases our versatile, creative approach to both animation and live action.

The clip opens on a man walking towards the camera. His t-shirt print begins to animate, highlighting an acid build up. The graphic of a beaker, designed to look like a stomach, shows the acid splashing and increasing until we see the Rennie tablet neutralize the acid and show calm water.

About: JWT London approached Frame to develop the latest 20” TVC spot for Rennie, to be shown throughout Europe. The original concept was to show the calming aspects of Rennie within an animated t-shirt print, shot against a live-action back plate. The film was shot on Red and graded to feel like a sunny, Spring day. Frame wanted to bring the 2D graphics on the t-shirt to life to give the liquid a 3D realistic depth, so the acid within the beaker was simulated by using tracking refs taken on the shoot and animated in house.