Sandra Suy Love

Thu 15 Mar 2012

This year our fashion illustrator, Sandra Suy has been a busy lady! Elle Magazine, both near and far, have been featuring Sandra's fantastic work! Check them out: Elle Magazine (Spain) These fantastic hand drawn illustrations are for Spanish Elle Magazine's monthly horoscope section. Left is 'Pieces Girl' and right is 'Aquarius'. Expect to see more later this year! Elle Girl (Korea) From Europe to the Far East now, Sandra Suy was interviewed for a feature in the Korean Elle Girl! Here's a translation of what she had to say: Could you introduce yourself and your life briefly? I live in Barcelona. I’m married and just had my second child. I'm illustrator and I love my job. How and when did your career begin? Why did you want to become a ‘fashion’ illustrator? I’ve always loved drawing and fashion. I decided to study fashion design and after some years working for some fashion brands, a friend encouraged me to show my drawings on the net. My career took off from there! Could you define your style? I like to express the most by being the least explicit as possible. For me it's important to create timeless works as possible, I wish I could watch them in ten years without feeling like they have gone out of fashion. I was wondering about your work progress step by step. I usually look a lot of visual information about the project I'm working on. At some point in the search the inspiration comes. I start drawing based around real images which turn into a collage and I leave the rest to improvisation. What do you love most about your job? It is my favourite hobby; I would keep drawing and painting if I could, although, no one would pay me to do that! Could you let me know how to get inspirations for your work? There are days I can't find the inspiration and other days I have no time to express all I have in mind. I usually browse the net, I love to do that, for me it's a wonderful source of inspiration and never ending info report. I like visiting fashion and deco blogs, there are so many of them and so interesting! I also consult magazines, go to art exhibitions, shopping... Walking down the street can also be a great source of inspiration. Tell me about your memorable work. All are special about something, but perhaps my first major commission, for Van Cleef and Arpels. I flew to Paris to meet up with the clients, it was exciting! What are your favourite 10 things? 1. Fashion brand: Prada always surprise me. 2. Model: Freja Beha maybe, she has a very special face and style. 3. Book: I enjoyed reading The Glass of Fashion by Cecil Beaton. 4. Movie: I never get tired of seeing Annie Hall by Woody Allen 5. Music: one of my favourite bands is Kings of Convenience; I can listen to their albums over and over again. 6. Chocolate is my great vice 7. Shoes and bags are my favourite clothes 8. I love to cook 9. I'm in love with New York 10. My favourite people are my two sons Who’s your favourite fashion illustrator and why? Rene Gruau, he’s an extremely expressive artist using just a few lines and spots of colour. What’s your goal as a fashion illustrator? Could you tell me about your dream project? I am happy living from my drawings; I would like to continue doing it, that's all. I don't like planning too much in the future, I rather prefer to enjoy this time I'm living and get surprised!