Sawdust commissioned by Creative Review for 2013 Annual

Mon 27 May 2013

Rob and Jonathon were commissioned by the editorial team at Creative Review to create a typographic piece to accompany an article based on the perils of working for oneself. We have all had that moment when the blank canvas, be it the sketchbook, computer screen, journal or interior project can appear to be the most arduous challenge in the world – so instead we decide to clean the house or maybe bake a cake, then proceed to eat the whole thing before reluctantly and guiltily taking the second snooze of the day…

Sawdust searched for something in the rather humorous article that sparked their interest and struck and all too familiar ‘creative nerve’… The 'building blocks of creativity' and cycle referred to as 'never ending creative destructive behaviour' was an inspirational and relatable idea for Sawdust to carve a composition from.

They made the idea of ‘a cyclical process of dismantling and rebuilding' their inspiration for the piece, in other words - something that appears to be endlessly re-forming and breaking. The end result complements the article superbly and of course was an editorial career highlight for the Sawdust duo, they said that “Creative Review has been at the pinnacle of showcasing and championing new and creative thinking for, well ... ever it seems and so an opportunity to create some artwork for them, especially the Creative 2013 Annual was an honour!”