Shaking stuff up in Russia with Easy Jet and Kinetic Mesh

Thu 07 Mar 2013

Kinetic Mesh was commissioned to create a 3D model Russian Dolly Cocktail Mixer for the front cover of Easy Jet’s in-flight Magazine this March. The theme of the month is promoting the fact that Easy Jet Airlines now fly to Moscow, so the art directors wanted to create a dynamic and bold front cover to introduce the new destination. They were so please with Steve’s work that they also decided to devote page 8 of the magazine to Kineticmesh’s craft and his working experiences of illustration thus far.

The lovely Vicky Lane interviewed Steve and requested to see WIP stills so that she could better understand and communicate to her readers how a 3D model is created in Photo Shop with layers of texture and clever lighting. Kineticmesh describes what he does as photorealism; technically minded art, but assured Vicky that 3D design will never replace photography as people want to capture the real world, even though it is becoming trickier with every new software development  to tell the difference between what is actually there and what is not.