Shareability: A look back at #HonestValentines

Thu 21 May 2015

Here at jelly, we've been busy investigating ways to create the content you need, as fast as you need it. Mixing our expertise in image creation, live art and no fear, we've been playing with real-time social media content, that's responsive, shareable and fast - testing our artist's speed and agility.

Back in February, Damien Weighill's #HonestValentines creations for Samsung's social media saw him turn around 6 last minute illustrations in the space of just 4 days! Speedy.

The results were fantastic... 6 funny, relatable and sharable images which were re-posted again and again across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #HonestValentines & #GalaxyASeries 


Similarly, Matt Johnstone has been busy creating super speedy Instagram content in response to the Burnley vs. Arsenal game. Read more here.

PLUS, Hannah Warren's currently working on a reactive cyber project titled "Spam Portraits." This just the beginning for Hannah's responsive work. We're working on something really exciting together, so watch this space!


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