Stylist Magazine and Jo Bird are pulling tantalising pork

Wed 01 May 2013

Natasha is the Deputy Art Editor for Stylist Magazine and she commissioned Jo Bird to illustrate a delicious article all about the art and dissection of an appetizing pulled pork burger. Jo Bird has a special skill when it comes to illustrating food as her delicate, hand-drawn lines and soft watercolour treatment make any food stuff appealing in a whimsical way. The tantalising feature and accompanying illustration is in this week’s Stylist Magazine, so be sure to catch a bite on your daily commute ladies and gents.

We asked Natasha a few questions about her role at Stylist. Thank you Natasha and heres to the art of pulling quality pork!

Why did you choose to illustrate the food feature as opposed to using a traditional photograph? “Well, an oozing lump of meat isn't the prettiest thing to picture and as the story is very much about how to build your pulled pork burger, the deconstruction was the perfect way to illustrate this.” 

Ahhh, so what do you like most about Jo Bird’s style? “She had done some lovely illustrations of fish that I had seen before on your blog and I wanted someone who was familiar with illustrating food in a charming and stylish way.” 

And, what is the best part of being a deputy art editor for a high profile fashion magazine? “Coming up with ideas for concepts like this!”