T-Shirt Fables

Wed 24 Jul 2013

Two of jelly London’s illustrators, Steve Scott and Gregori Saavedra have been enlisted to create artwork for the Fableists. This is a movement which starts with t-shirts and uses art as a way of spreading an anti-throw-away fashion message. The Fableists team were seeking conscientious illustrators who would grab their open brief and capture what rebellion and making change was through bespoke imagery.

The Fablesists describe themselves as a cool fashion brand that tells a story; a story about beautiful kids’ clothes, underpinned by sustainability with plenty of rock n’ roll attitude. With their clothes, you get the whole story, from who grew the organic cotton they’re made from, to how the items arrived at your door. These clothes are built to last and look great but are also made for a new generation of clued up consumers who will have to buy differently. “When you buy the Fableists clothing, you become part of a movement away from mass produced fashion, manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals. Their clothes are made for kids, not made by kids.” They believe that making a change in the way you shop, buy, use and dispose of your clothes will make a huge difference to the health of your family, the lives of other people, the planet and will make you feel good about your choice.

They allowed both Steve and Gregori to completely own this fashion design project in terms of what the company’s values mean to them. And you can read the full artist interviews which are quite profound actually - click here for Gregori and click here for Steve. Alternatively you can order some ethical t-shirts from their limited edition collection online here

Here’s a sneak peek at two of Gregori’s Qs and As

What do you think about what we are doing? Do you think there should be more of it?

 Gregori – I really love it. The point is, more people should live this way because we are being really greedy. We are eating whatever is around, not thinking that there has to be enough for more people. I think it is lovely and great, and lots of people should follow this.

We hope to discover artists through our t-shirts. Do you think that can work?

Gregori – I think so because art is an instinct. Your product and philosophy is an instinctive reaction to what is happening and the way it is happening. So, if the artists need a place to communicate this message, you are perfect. In the last one I created, I made your t-shirt as a flag, because it is not just a t-shirt, it is what we use to say we are here, we are like this. You want the people to follow you.