The Age of Aquarius

Tue 17 Jan 2012

Fashion illustrator, Sandra Suy has produced this brilliant illustration for Sunday Times Style! Sandra Suy Aquarius Sandra was asked to draw a dark, smouldering party scene, taking influence from English fashion designer, Gareth Pugh. Each of the figures in the illustration represent different astrological signs in the Zodiac; on the far left, Aquarius is pouring out the contents of her Martini glass to represent the end of the party whilst the other signs, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius, are still partying hard in the background. Immediately to her right is Aries, a man with the horns of a ram; Scorpio with her ponytail-like sting; Sagittarius, half-man half-stallion; Gemini with her Viennese mask, a sign of two faces; and Cancer with the claws of a crab. The illustration was part of a Horoscopes feature in the Sunday 8th January edition of Sunday Times Style magazine. It was recently entered into the Communication Arts Illustration Competition. See more news about Sandra Suy here!