The Art of Craft with Lobulo

Tue 28 May 2013

We at Jelly HQ are all intrigued about Lobulo. The mysterious paper craft artist that we represent who creates ponderous art in dynamic fashions. How does he digest a brief, where did the paper infatuation commence and what’s next? Charlotte went to find out and snap some studio shots too.

How often do you get a paper cuts on your fingers Javier?  “Hmmm… Honestly, I have never had this problem. I am just like a real-life version of Edward scissor hands!”

Who was your role model growing up? “My father, I suppose.”

Where did your obsession with paper modelling begin? “When I was young, I started a kind of origami course at my primary school and that was my first experience with paper works, so, maybe that was the start for my obsession.”

Young then, so your passion became your occupation, how did you manage to make your talent commercially viable? “Two words… Hard Work!”

Why do you think that big brands want to use your craft for their campaigns? “Because I can create tactile illustrations that are bespoke 3D creations as opposed to flat imagery. The industry is re-visiting unique artworks and crafts more and more.”

How do you get inspired? “I take inspiration from anatomy books, the internet of course and hanging out with my friends... An arty bunch of people.”

Where do you start? Do you pick colours first and do the line work before you use your scalpel?  “I usually start by making some sketches on draft paper and after the client approves the initial work I get to making my mock-ups for the models. I don't really have a good palette of colours I always pick, the concept directs the colour palette.”

What’s your favourite museum in London? “The Natural History Museum.”

What’s your favourite dessert? “Cheese Cake or Oreo Cake.”

What’s your favourite type of cheese? “Curado Cheese” (A Spanish - very strong cheese).

What was the last gig you went to?
“Apparat Concert.”

Do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike? “Not usually only when the distance is really big.”

What was the last book you read? Synopsis? “Steal, Like and Artist. It is one of those kinds of books with tips and advice about how to do your work better, how to focus and how to improve. It’s good!”

What was the last film you saw? Did you love or hate it? “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.... No comments.”

Which channels do you use to market yourself? “The internet and sometimes carrier pigeons”

Do you like Marmite?  “NO! Who does actually love that stuff?”

What’s better, peanut butter or Marmite? “Peanut butter – always and forever in my veins!”

You can take 5 objects with you to a dessert island. What would you take? “1. Bike 2.Knife 3.Dynamite 4.A Bottle of Rum, ‘Sailor Jerry’ and 5. Beers, lots of them!”

And finally, why did you craft Mister T? “Because MR.T is one of my favourite icons, he has a strong character and a really good personality and obviously he became a legend. He deserved a portrait!”