The Future is NAO

Wed 20 Aug 2014

When 3D goes live in your living room, it's safe to say the future is now. 

Robotics company Aldebaran commissioned French techy creative collective Blackmeal:GOBO to create an ad introducing Nao: a friendly domestic robot who is only 58cm tall. It walks with you, it talks to you and it even knows who you are. 

Blackmeal’s directors chose to create the ad in CG to make the overall look of the animation as smooth as possible, with the added perk of being able to tweak colours and lighting. The colour use in the animation is a fond wink to video gaming, and the reflections Blackmeal created are nothing short of spectacular. 

"We played with the light reflection and warm colours on the materials to bring little NAO to life. We kept the background quite simple so as not to distract from our protagonist," says Blackmeal motion director Mael Francois.