The Guardian by N9ve

Fri 11 Sep 2015

Directed by founder, Alessandro Novelli, N9ve’s deep and chilling animated short film, The Guardian takes inspiration from Before the Law, a parable from Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

Kafka’s original story tells of a man arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor the reader. N9ve’s ‘free interpretation’ focuses on fear, death & control:

“A peasant traveling the world and arriving in front of a gate, controlled by a fearsome guardian. The peasant tries to pass through, but the guardian denies him entrance. However, the peasant and the guardian are the same character. The peasant, like each one of us, is stood in front of his own fear. The guardian, is something shapeless, that surrounds and controls him. The door/gate represents the possibilities we encounter during our life.”

N9ve began working on the surreal and experimental short back in January 2014, animating in-between commissioned work. The project was a brilliant opportunity to try different things, experiment with ideas and play with animation techniques, from classic animation to 3D.

The entire project was developed at N9ve Studios in Barcelona, with help from BCN Sound’s Simon Smith and cello player Sasha Agranov, who created the unique sound design and music. Luis de Velasco, narrates the piece, playing the part of the peasant and the guardian.

Since its screening at Annecy in early 2015, The Guardian has received some rave reviews from the likes of Motionographer and It’s Nice That, and is currently Short of the Week.

N9ve shared some behind the scenes stills with us which you can see below. You can also watch the making of The Guardian here.

Character development from N9ve Studios:

Work in progress shots:

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