The Making of… Avicii's Waiting for Love

Mon 06 Jul 2015

Jelly London and At Night Studio joined forces with the incredible Blackmeal to create Avicii’s heart-warming new video, Waiting for Love, which has now been viewed over 20 million times on Youtube and reached No.41 in the Official UK Charts.

The response to the charming animation, which was directed and edited by Blackmeal’s CEO Matthieu Colombel, has received a phenomenal response since its release on the 22nd May 2015, bringing people to tears, and even inspiring ex-military personnel to thank Avicii for making the video. 

We took a sneak peek behind the scenes with Matthieu to see how the animation was made, what challenges they faced, and to admire Guillaume Singelin's beautiful character sketches.


Tell us about the initial brief.

The brief was very simple: Create and produce a 4 minute long, 2D animation, in 10 days. 

The initial synopsis was awesome, and it was a nice challenge for me. The client, Jesper from At Night Studios, was very cool and I could create and work freely.


Tell us about the team.

I built a mission impossible team: the talented Guillaume Singelin (well-known illustrator), Andrea Rania (Italian animation producer) and his team of animators from all over the world, Mélanie Gohin our fresh new Blackmeal animator, and Paulin Girard (awesome motion designer) for the FX.

I wrote the full animation script and I directed the video.


How did you produce at such lightning speed?

Using our super power: Green Tea.


What software did you use?

Adobe would be proud… We used a full motion design suite: Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Media Encoder, and Premiere.


What was the hardest shot to do and why?

Wow! The final part. It was done in 1 day. Not enough time… very long night.


What is your favourite shot and why?

The first one! I really like the boy and the dog when they are little. I had a dog like him when I was a boy… I think I put a little bit of that in this short.


Were there any difficulties in the process? If so, how did you overcome them?

Without hesitation: The languages. The team spoke French, English, Italian, some strange things … but it was fun!


Read more about the video here.

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Production Company: jelly London

Agency: At Night Studio 

Directed by: BLACKMEAL

Edited by: Matthieu Colombel

Motion Director: Matthieu Colombel

Animation Producer: Andrea Rania

Animation Team: Janos Szabo, Alexander Geifman and Mélanie Gohin

Illustrator & Designer: Guillame Singelin

VFX by Paulin Girard