The Making Of: M&S Shwopping Animations by Jelly Kitchen

Mon 06 Jun 2016

Commissioned by RKCR/Y&R, Jelly London’s in-house animation team The Kitchen produced a series of animations to promote M&S’s latest Shwopping campaign to raise money for Oxfam.

Featuring Ab Fab star and Oxfam ambassador, Joanna Lumley, the online campaign invites customers to leave their old and unwanted clothes at Marks and Spencer stores to be resold or recycled by Oxfam.

The stylishly animated films show items of clothing that have been donated via the “Shwop drops” morphing into good deeds around the world, including clean water and business training. We spoke to Sam Burton, Head of Animation at The Kitchen, to get a behind the scenes look at creating the spots:

“Initially we produced a thumbnail storyboard to create a timing animatic to work alongside the brilliant VO from Joanna Lumley. Our next stage was to begin drawing out the cel animation using flash. This gave us the power to sketch out the morphs and experiment with how the film flowed, and see how each scene would transition to the next. Once the sketched version of the animation was approved by the client we took it into Photoshop.”

“Once in Photoshop, we were then able to use a selection of bespoke brushes to paint each frame. This technique gave us the desired traditional hand painted look that the client was after. We created the line-work and textures separately which allowed us to colour up the tone and washes in the background. Typography was then added to highlight key parts of the story.”

Watch all of The Kitchen’s Shwopping animations here.

Read more about the initiative here.


London Agency: RKCR/Y&R

Production: Jelly London / The Kitchen

Sound Design: GPS

Music: Native

Agency Producer: Hatty Middleton

Creative Director: Pip Bishop, Chris Hodgkiss

Art Director: Emma Watson

Copywriter: Eloise Jack