The Making of Persistent Peril's spots for Dulux: Amazing Spaces

Wed 18 May 2016

Persistent Peril created two animated spots to introduce Dulux’s new Amazing Space service online.

The team worked closely with Black Sheep Studios to create 'Simon’s Boudoir' (above) & 'Emily's Zoo.' They designed a cast of 2D characters, including the iconic Dulux dog, and set them to a background of real items featured in the Amazing Space. The characters engage in fictional conversations between themselves and Dulux’s head of Amazing Space, as their room transforms around them.

Below you can take a look behind the scenes at a few of their sketches & ideas from the project…

The making of Simon’s Boudoir:

“Below is a turn around and key costumes for Simon, from magician to suave gent! These are followed by our initial boards.”

The making of Emily’s Zoo:

“Below are various sketches and ideas for our main character Emily. We quickly experimented with her character, pushing her overall shape, before creating her wild family in the same style. These are followed by our initial boards.”

The Dulux Dog:

Client: Dulux

Agency: OB Management for Black Sheep Studios

Direction: Persistent Peril

Art Direction: Garth Jones

Animation: Mark Billington, Ginny Jones, Garth Jones

Audio: James Locke-Hart / Factory

Producer for PP: Sam Bourner

Producer for OB: Otis Bell & Luke Tierney