The Very Hot Snowman

Mon 08 Jan 2018

Global warming, it will eventually affect us all. Jelly recently teamed up with Rankin’s The Full Service and The Climate Coalition to create an alternative Christmas tale about a loveable (melting) Snowman. 

It’s winter, and the snowman is enjoying his usual surroundings… but then the sun shines and the winter temperatures reach a record high. Flowers start to bloom too early, birds start appearing and he starts to melt away - we never said this was meant to be a fairy-tale..

The aim of this 60-second animation, was to bring the message closer to home. To help make people notice that though the changes may be subtle here, they are certainly here already. The wonderful animations by Jelly London’s Sharon Liu and The Kitchen made this message all the more relatable to younger generations. Who, after all, are the ones who will have to deal with the consequences of these issues.

With the gravelly Mancunian voice of Liam Gallagher giving the film a rock’n’roll edge, whilst helping to give the campaign the publicity it deserves. This animation was designed to give the campaign a boost this Christmas, and it certainly seems like it has done the job.

It was an absolute privilege working with Rankin & The Climate Coalition, particularly for such a good cause. Lets hope that we can use the story to help make a difference