Tony Targets Transport for London

Thu 11 Apr 2013

We thought that you might like to know, (just in case you are daily commuters like us jellies and use the London Underground) that on the 9th January 2013, the London Underground celebrated 150 years since the first underground journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway. Now what does jelly London have to do with this nugget of training information you ask?  

Well, guess what? Our very own extremely talented illustrator, Tony Wilson was recently commissioned by the branding creative director of OTM, Robert Stimpson to artwork the iconic trams, trains and buses that our glorious city of London depends upon both day and night. Tony’s retro and colourful illustrations are currently adding a punchy sense of pride to the ‘Getting around with Oyster’ pamphlets in a tube station near you. If you look at the tube map really closely, you’ll spot the pink jelly bee... That’s jelly HQ! You may also be interested to know that, at the minute, London Underground is in partnership with the London Transport Museum who are celebrating with a range of events and activities throughout 2013. The events will explore the Tube's history and look at the role it will play in the future - both in the lives of Londoners and the economy of the City and the UK. Ride on!