Tony Wilson Showcase

Mon 25 Jul 2011

It's been a while since we featured our versatile digital illustrator, Tony Wilson. Tony's been part of the jelly collective since our very early beginnings, initially as one of our in-house team of super-artists. tony wilson oddbinsRecent hand-drawn style illustrations & lettering for Oddbins. Click for larger view. He is described as our chameleon, a man who is not fazed by style or finish. His style vocabulary ranges from pastiche to photoreal, flat colour vector and line; maintaining his highly commercial standard throughout his artworks, regardless of subject. tony wilson pinupNew digital paint style pin-up model. Click for larger view. This efficiency has credited him with some national and international brands, including: O2, M&G, Ted Baker, IKEA, Argos, Goodfellas, CBRE and Herbal Essences. (click on the brand to view the work) tony wilson plusnetDigital landscapes for Plusnet 2010 advertising campaign. Click for larger view. Bio: After spending his youth as an actor (he was in Grange Hill!), Tony turned his hand to art and spent his apprenticeship working at some of London's biggest studios. He joined our studio as a visualiser for Three Blind Mice around 14 years ago, before transgressing to the brighter-side of finished illustration when jelly was born. With two decades of commercial illustration experience, it’s no wonder that he has developed into the most versatile and adaptable artist on our roster.