Weaving is Here

Thu 20 Jul 2017

We are hugely excited to have been involved with Tourism Ireland’s latest campaign by Publicis London to showcase Northern Ireland as Game of Thrones’ territory to millions of fans worldwide.

Housed in the Ulster Museum, Publicis London masterminded a Game of Thrones Tapestry to capture all the key moments from Game of Thrones Season 1 right up until the events leading to Season 7’s premiere.

Working closely with the agency we had a team of Jelly Kitchen artists (including die hard G o T fans) working on illustrations to form the basis for the weave and the 66m long tapestry. The team worked relentlessly to roll out the artwork in tandem with the weavers in under 8 weeks.

As season 7 unfolds, we will be working responsively to reveal new sections of the tapestry each week, capturing key events from the previous week’s episode. Tourism Ireland will share the creation of these new sections via social media – using a mix of cinemagraphs, time-lapse videos of the weaving process, carousels and Instagram Stories.

Each element of the campaign will drive people to a special section on Tourism Ireland’s international website, Ireland.com – where an interactive ‘Northern Ireland Game of Thrones® Tapestry’ web app will allow fans to zoom in and explore the tapestry in full, reliving some of their favourite scenes from previous episodes. Fans can use the app to share those scenes with their friends, via social media, and can link to pages showing where they were filmed in Northern Ireland.

A huge range of unforgettable Northern Irish locations are used in the show, from Winterfell to the Iron Islands. These iconic settings ooze mystery, fantasy and the medieval – and you never know when you might stumble across a direwolf!

The campaign, created in partnership with HBO, will be rolled out by Tourism NI in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well as across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in ten markets – Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Tourism Ireland will also target its own social fanbase – posting and tweeting to its 4 million Facebook fans and more than 403,000 followers on Twitter globally.

It will build on the success of Tourism Ireland’s previous Game of Thrones® campaigns, including the 2016 ‘Doors of Thrones’ campaign which reached an estimated 126 million people around the world, with the campaign’s various short films being viewed 17 million times, generating coverage worth about £11.3 million. The ‘Doors of Thrones’ campaign has racked up over 30 awards and accolades from the marketing and advertising industry across Europe and the United States, including three prestigious Lions Cannes awards.

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