We've got something to tell you about that Tango ad...

Fri 29 May 2015

Did you catch Tango’s new TV ad during Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday? Or maybe you’ve read about the campaign online? Well, it’s time for us to ‘fess up…

It was us.

We created that terribly cheesy, sickeningly sweet spoof that got Tango superfan Rodney Cloomb’s knickers in a twist.

That’s right, Jelly were enlisted by 101 to help create the initial #TangoMyLove ad which saw Tango return to our TV screens with their first campaign in two years.

Illustrated by jelly’s Jo Bird, and animated by Kitchen’s George Coffey, the deliberately sappy ad featured two floating oranges hugging and kissing to an annoyingly sweet little ditty: “You’re orange, delicious Tango. I love you from my heart. Tango, my love.”

Two ad breaks later, it was revealed that the cheesy 10-second advert was just a joke, as viewers enter Rodney Cloomb’s living room and watch him react in disgust to the fanciful ad, which is seemingly off-brand.

Jo & George teamed up to work at lightning speed and accommodate the quick brief and sickly sweet style required for the spoof.

Rodney Cloomb might not like it, but we think it’s pretty cute ;)


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