What's your Super Power?

Tue 22 Jul 2014

We've all done it, ask that one question that has everything to do with imagination, and nothing with reality: if you were a super hero, what would your power be?

Philips LED lighting decided to ask just this question to kids and their parents around the world to highlight the launch of their Spiderman play lights, and the stories they came up with are nothing short of magical. In return they may not have got their superpower, but something pretty close to make up for it. Our Steve Scott read the stories and brought them to life with super-imaginative illustrations that make your hat fly off.

The chap above is called Nath. His super power is to be able to talk to sick animals and make them better with a single touch. His sidekick is a brachiosaurus, who takes him high into the sky to help injured birds.

Then there's Kyle (aka Builder Man), who has laser eyes that can build the things he wants, wherever he looks. If he sees a scary monster, his super power eyes simply build a cage around it so he is safe. Only Kyle has the key and will not give it to anyone...

Finally, there's a little girl who wants to harness the power of glitter. Spidey Glitter Girl is making the world beautiful by catching bad guys and giving them girly makeovers. As a result, she is creating a sparkly and glittery world - and it's so much better that way.

The social campaign on Facebook was an amazing collaboration of real-life superpowers: great briefing by Ketchum and jelly London love on top led to a highly responsive and interactive creative process and we’re still enjoying the result.