Where will your search for the perfect track take you?

Tue 09 Apr 2013

Jelly London have helped creative library & music coordinators, Synctracks, to answer the question “Where will your search for the perfect track take you?”

Quite simply to launch their bespoke service, Synctracks tweeted jelly London, to start the conversation about how to go about finding a neat creative solution to stimulate the senses of industry experts. Synctracks job as creative music coordinators for moving image is to make the journey to finding the right music rewarding, fulfilling, friendly, and inspiring. Getting the right music as jelly know, can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield so it helps when a music production company can offer a bespoke service whether you are an editor, director, designer, or musician.

So, to celebrate that thread that connects the two via the magic of cutting edge animation and telling a story of their own, we teamed up to develop this inventive narrative which reflects the process of bringing a project to life with music. The spot was animated in stop motion with real world textures for that added touch of realism in a created world.

Synctracks created the story about a character that goes in search of adventure via the conduit of music in a metamorphic transformation from being lost at sea with no land in sight, mirroring the emotion often in initial music searching on many projects; to taking the plunge underwater where he encounters curiosities before swimming to the surface into a carnival scene. Here a carousel and friend await him. His interest is piqued as he is joined on his journey by a new friend who leads onwards with a sense of purpose. The scene turns to a night city where both characters walk together towards the final destination; they look up to the night sky and moon as it becomes clear that they’ve achieved their search together.

Quite adorable. And we would recommend them in an instant.