Witness the Birth of a Volcano

Tue 08 Jan 2013

Oxford Sparks is the Oxford Online Public Science portal which aims to engage both young and old with educational articles about physical, life and medical sciences. To breakdown their information into bite sized pieces, Oxford Sparks commissioned Karen Cheung to design, hand draw and animate a blobby little character that sets out on a scientific discovery through the body of a volcano, in none other than a yellow submarine, aptly named ‘Daughter of Titanic.’

Karen Cheung, says that the project was really interesting as it satisfied both her geeky and her creative side. She thinks it is very important to make quite complicated science accessible to younger people and by demonstrating it through these chaotic adventures, she believes learning can be more fun.

The comic voice over artist who narrates for the animation is Ed Byrne; playing his part in educating the masses, he has mentioned the project on his own website. The 2D project took 5 weeks to create and the traditionally hand drawn, quirky characters have been animated using Flash. This spot was launched Dec 17th and has already had over 1700 views. We are already looking forward to the next sparky spot.