Tuesday 13 October 2020

#JellyOOO is back in time for the upcoming US election.

We’ll cut straight to the point – 2020 – what a rollercoaster… There could be light at the end of the tunnel, or at very least, things not getting a whole lot worse. We’re looking at you, US election 🤞.

The year to date has inspired us to summarize our feelings in short poem:

From a global pandemic to racism that’s systemic, bleeding eyes and famous flies
2020 has been one hell of a ride… it’s knocked our spirits and our pride,
but there is light at the end of the tunnel yet… (and this is as far as we’ve gotten)

#JellyOOO is back in time for the upcoming US election.

What was/is #JellyOOO?
Last year a handful of Jelly artists created Out of Office GIFs celebrating various holidays, events, festivals etc.

What has this got to do with the US election?
Our artists have created various pieces of work encouraging and reminding people to (you guessed it) VOTE. This is one of the most important elections in recent history and with voter suppression a real risk, getting the message out to engage and vote is even more important than ever.

So, to switch on your Out of Office responder, add to your email subject line, share on  your social posts and Whatsapps that you’re out voting (and everyone else should be too) follow the instructions below for your tailor-made GIFs to help you do the talking for you.

These weird, whacky and wonderful artworks can be found on Jelly’s GIPHY channel – feel free to download or share the link to anyone and everyone who needs to hear it!

You can also find all these on your WhatsApp and Insta Highlights by searching “vooote” and/or “jellyooo“.

Get your free, downloadable artwork here.

Huge thanks to the artists we’ve partnered up with to make this happen:

Alva Skog
Alison Carmichael
Damien Weighill
Daniela Sherer
Eva Cremers
Everyone’s Favourite
Estudio PUM
Leanne Rule
Peter Phobia

And a huge thanks to KITCHEN who helped with some of the beaut animations!

How to make your OOO signature fun:
1. Open up your email in your web browser (not your desktop app!)
2. Set your Out of Office message
3. Open up one of the GIFs in Giphy in a new window (links below)
4. Drag the GIF into your message
5. Save your OOO message and you’re good to go!

Still puzzled? Watch the vid below for instructions.

(Note: These GIFs can be added to your web mail and most email providers – hooray! For those of you on desktop applications… we’re working hard to ensure you’ll be able to add these to your OOO emails as well. Watch this space!)