McDonalds ‘Always On’

A delightful set of stop motion animations for McDonalds' social.

Project by Matthew Cooper
Animation / Live Art

Matthew Cooper collaborated with Leo Burnett for part of McDonalds’  ‘Always On’ campaign to create two supporting spots for their social efforts.

While the vision had originally started off as a  live action brief, Matthew proposed a unique stop motion treatment of the scripts in a crafty style that would fit McDonalds’ aesthetic across their Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat channels to advertise their new ordering app.

The two day shot was done in-house at Jelly’s London studio, during which we did most of the stop motion effects in-camera, with some post-production to add the in-between frames.

Matthew brought on a skilled model maker to create the tiny Kid’s Happy Meals and created three different size versions of the table and chairs to use in each frame. Check out some behind-the-scenes snaps below.

The end effect are two spirited spots in Matthew’s signature trick-of-the-eye style. Now go order a Big Mac!

Model Making by the incredibly talented Miles Ascough.

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Matthew Cooper